Lola Swain Pottery


Lola's earlier influence comes from the ancient art of the American Southwest pottery involving geometric patterns.  The natural colour of the clay is incorporated in the design and is necessary to the completeness of the earthy forms.  The concentric markings left by the burnishing create a subtle, textural appearance, recalling the essential qualities of hand built ceramics.

Line is becoming more evident in Lola's work and is created by making incisions into the clay surface and once fired, slip is then applied and scraped away to reveal bold and contrasting lines

A great interest in the natural world gives Lola a huge amount of inspiration for her work. She finds this combines harmoniously with her rhythmic, floral designs and also the organic stylistic elements of art nouveau.

Her recent adventures overseas is also influencing her forms and designs. This has occurred not only through her experiences of indigenous floras and faunas, but also the symbolic patterns of Maori culture.